Meet Team AppLovin!

We’re a bunch of dedicated, creative problem solvers who occasionally have a little fun.

At AppLovin, collaboration is our lifeblood. It drives what we do within and across teams, and it ensures that we deliver extremely high quality products to our customers. Here’s more on the individuals of #TeamAppLovin.

Adam CEO & Cofounder Linkedin
Andrew VP, Product & Cofounder Linkedin
John CTO & Cofounder Linkedin
Mark CRO Linkedin
Katie CMO Linkedin
Maggie CFO Linkedin
Pete Vice President of Business Operations Linkedin
Raf President, Lion Studios Linkedin
Mark Chief Revenue Officer Linkedin
Nori Country Manager, Japan Linkedin
Luba Sales Manager Linkedin
Tom Director, Sales Linkedin
Neil Senior Manager, Sales Linkedin
Sean Vice President of Business Development Linkedin
Simon Managing Director, EMEA Linkedin
Pete Vice President of Business Operations Linkedin
Carl Senior Manager, Business Development Linkedin
Miao Senior Director, China Linkedin
Dom Manager, Business Development Linkedin
Yolanda Director, Business Development Linkedin
Daniel Manager, Business Development Linkedin
Sunny Analyst, Business Development Linkedin
Jason Sales Manager Linkedin
Cyril Senior Analyst, Business Development Linkedin
Carol Analyst, Business Development Linkedin
Mary Kate Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Adam Analyst, Business Development Linkedin
Jinseok Sales Manager Linkedin
Rae Sr. Manager, Business Development Linkedin
Vincent Analyst, Business Development Linkedin
Kuo Analyst, Business Development Linkedin
Katelyn Sales Development Representative Linkedin
Matthew Analyst, Business Development Linkedin
Michael Manager, Business Development
Maria Manager, Business Development Linkedin
Yiqing Manager, Sales (China, SEA) Linkedin
Akira Analyst, Business Development Linkedin
Tony Senior Analyst, Business Development Linkedin
Penny Analyst, Business Development Linkedin
Yu Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Abby Sr. Director, Head of Programmatic Demand Linkedin
Dan VP, Head of Platform Linkedin
Idil Director, Platform Product Linkedin
Lucas Sales Analyst Linkedin
Matt Director, Platform Customer Success Linkedin
Raf President, Lion Studios Linkedin
Kyler Head of Operations, Lion Studios Linkedin
Katja Growth, Lion Studios Linkedin
Roger BD, Lion Studios Linkedin
Michael Growth, Lion Studios Linkedin
Jacob Growth, Lion Studios Linkedin
Tatsuo BD, Lion Studios Linkedin
Nicholas BD, Lion Studios Linkedin
Nick Developer Partnerships, Lion Studios Linkedin
Bryan Software Engineer, Lion Studios Linkedin
Dominic Product Marketing, Lion Studios Linkedin
Amy Product, Lion Studios Linkedin
Josh Growth Analyst, Lion Studios Linkedin
Naveen Growth Analyst, Lion Studios Linkedin
Rachel Growth Analyst, Lion Studios Linkedin
Tyler Growth Analyst, Lion Studios Linkedin
Wenyuan Business Development, Lion Studios Linkedin
John CTO Linkedin
Basil Vice President of Engineering Linkedin
Omer Vice President of Operations Linkedin
Rob Platform Architect Linkedin
Tariq UI Architect Linkedin
Alejandro Principal Engineer Linkedin
Darby Software Architect Linkedin
Anusha Principal Engineer Linkedin
Sonal Principal Engineer Linkedin
Mo Engineering Manager Linkedin
Jeune Senior Operations Engineer Linkedin
Amery Lead Recruiter Linkedin
Jonathan Software Engineer Linkedin
Neil Software Engineer Linkedin
Sergey Principal Operations Engineer Linkedin
Vince Senior IT Engineer Linkedin
Vijay Senior Operations Engineer Linkedin
Dinesh Senior Software Engineer Linkedin
Thomas Principal Engineer Linkedin
Laura Software Engineer Linkedin
Andrei Senior Software Engineer Linkedin
Atma Software Engineer Linkedin
Jen Technical Recruiter Linkedin
Anthony Software Engineer Linkedin
Neerav Software Engineer Linkedin
Stanislav Operations Engineer Linkedin
Swetha Network Engineer Linkedin
Chris Software Engineer Linkedin
Karan Software Engineer Linkedin
Naim Software Engineer Linkedin
Santosh Software Engineer Linkedin
Joseph Operations Engineer Linkedin
Anthony IT Engineer Linkedin
Andy Software Engineer Linkedin
Dhananjay Senior Network Engineer Linkedin
Ethan Software Engineer Linkedin
John Principal Engineer Linkedin
Jon IT Engineer Linkedin
Bobby Software Engineer Linkedin
Steffan Senior Software Engineer Linkedin
Henry Senior Network Engineer Linkedin
Diana Recruiting Coordinator Linkedin
Andrew Vice President of Product Linkedin
Jimmy Sr. Director, Product Linkedin
Will Sr. Product Analyst Linkedin
Josh Product Manager Linkedin
Helen Director, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Dylan Manager, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Sha Senior Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Yuki Senior Manager, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Siyang Manager, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Shijie Senior Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Shien Manager, Publisher Operations Linkedin
Tomoya Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Rina Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Bojana Senior Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Saloni Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Bass Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Iskander Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Mimi Product Integration Specialist Linkedin
David Senior Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Jordan Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances Linkedin
Barry Director, Publisher Operations Linkedin
Jerry Senior Analyst, Publisher Operations Linkedin
Alexandra Growth Analyst Linkedin
Alyona Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Cara Analyst, Publisher Operations Linkedin
Emil Product Integration Specialist Linkedin
Erhaan Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Grant Analyst, Strategic Partnerships Linkedin
Miskia Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Jin Analyst, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Oksana Director, Growth Partnerships Linkedin
Olive Office Dog
Katie Chief Marketing Officer Linkedin
Michael Director of Communications Linkedin
Briana Global Events Sr. Manager Linkedin
Alice Director, Marketing Linkedin
Michelle Director of Marketing Linkedin
Graham Sr. Marketing Designer Linkedin
Amy Marketing Manager, Japan Linkedin
Katy Associate Content Manager Linkedin
Eleanor Sr. Designer Linkedin
Kelsey Designer Linkedin
Iris Design Lead Linkedin
Crystal Designer Linkedin
Zoey Manager, Design Linkedin
Jessica Design Lead Linkedin
Samantha Design Lead Linkedin
Yuri Designer Linkedin
Ryan Game Developer Linkedin
Rudy Designer Linkedin
Wyatt Game Developer Linkedin
Kellie Game Developer Linkedin
Gabor Game Development, Lead Linkedin
Tada Designer Linkedin
Viseith Game Developer Linkedin
Lewis Content Manager Linkedin
Eleanor Marketing Coordinator Linkedin
Kae Marketing Coordinator Linkedin
Zachary Game Developer Linkedin
Jose Senior Designer
Chris Senior Designer
Erujie Designer
Aasha Designer
Eli Designer
Danielle Jr. Game Developer Linkedin
Shellie Junior Designer
Yuvika Junior Game Developer
Nicholas Game Development Intern
Josh Jr. Designer Linkedin
Liam Marketing Manager, Europe Linkedin
Asami Junior Designer Linkedin
B Designer Linkedin
Marissa Marketing Coordinator Linkedin
Jeff Designer Linkedin
Angel Marketing Dog
Adam CEO Linkedin
Maggie CFO Linkedin
Jenn International Accounting Manager Linkedin
Ailbhe HR Business Partner Linkedin
Negin HR Generalist Linkedin
Valentyna Accountant Linkedin
Ivy Sr. Accounting Manager Linkedin
Anthony Senior Accountant Linkedin
Parya Office Manager Linkedin
Joshua HR Manager Linkedin
Afshin Director, Legal & Compliance Linkedin
Patrick Vice President of Finance Linkedin
Christine Paralegal Linkedin
Kanishka Staff Accountant Linkedin
Cheryl Office Coordinator
Deborah Assistant Controller Linkedin
Yolanda HR Business Partner
Siqi Accounting Manager, China Linkedin
Joey Accountant Linkedin
Irene Director of Tax Linkedin
Phil Sr. FP&A Analyst Linkedin
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1 Team / 8 Offices (and growing…) We have offices around the globe in Palo Alto, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, and Dublin See us in action

More behind the scenes

Visit Our Dublin Office

AppLovin has two offices in Europe: Dublin (HQ) & Berlin. We have a large and dynamic workforce and are looking to GROW the team with the right people.

Visit AppLovin’s Tokyo Office

AppLovin Japan invites you to join our team of passionate mobile marketers in our Tokyo office as they power a mobile-first world.

Visit Our Beijing Office

We have offices all around the globe. Join our Beijing team as they give you a glimpse into a day at AppLovin in Beijing.

Meet Anusha

She’s our Sr. Software Engineer with a big heart for volunteering as a rescue dog trainer in her spare time.

Meet Kyler

He leads a team that takes care of our customers, while also filling our bellies with his delicious bread.

Meet Carolyn

Carolyn assembles beautiful terrariums to share with her co-workers and reflects on how generosity and appreciation are part of our office culture.

Meet Basil

Ever wonder how to build a wine collection? Basil shares his tips for how use a spreadsheet to integrate tried-and-true favorites with new vintages.

At AppLovin, I have had the chance to work with some exceptionally motivated, bright and technology-savvy people. The best part about working here is the fast-paced nature of development.
Sonal Gupta Senior Software Engineer

The Importance of Team and How to Build it

Our team loves to learn—in and outside of work. Whether it’s Street Fighter, sports, bread making, or even learning a new code language at work, we increase our knowledge whenever we can.

We don’t get too hung up on “standard” qualifications. A diverse team means members with advanced degrees and ones that are from off the beaten path.

Our team members are comfortable with challenging—and changing—the status quo. That means we encourage members to question and push the product to continually improve it.

We’re growing

Do you share our vision?

Are you defined by a drive to constantly push for more?

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